Sunday, 17 June 2012

Elle Internship 2012

Oh my god. Just applied for the Elle Internship for Arts Director! 

 I am so happy to see that Elle is giving back to the interns and giving us a chance to edit the October issue. It was so weird because I found out about this competition while feeling extremely low in the woods after finding out another place I had just worked hadn't given me the right information and I wouldn't be receiving any money for the work I had been doing! I was starting to think interning since the age of 14 really wasn't paying off and were just more names to add to a CV without me really getting a chance to be appreciated and put my own creative outlook into something! I really hope I get the chance to intern for Elle as the Arts Director!

My SubmissionI had to produce an Elle cover with the choice of Rihanna being the cover girl.

I chose to do two different covers as Elle normally do various covers for each issue.