Friday, 23 March 2012

Pre/Post Shoot Break.

I'm currently in the process of updating my photography and styling portfolio as I may be changing courses to Fashion Promotion & Imaging. I want to be able to do styling, photography and short films instead of marketing and management. I am going to start doing short fashion movies and posting them onto this blog as well. I get a lot of inspiration from Nick Knight's website - 

These images were captured by my model playing around with my baby (Canon DSLR) while I was having a short break from shooting her.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Charity Case.

Today's post is about my love for charity shops. Being a poor student with at this present moment only £15 in my account, the only way to prevent the dreaded "always wearing the same outfit" is to try and mix and match things with charity shops. I remember when I was at school a recurring insult people would use on each other was "You shop at Oxfam" but looking back at it, those were the people who were too scared to look beyond the current image, admittedly I do still believe a lot of charity shops need a visual merchandiser to sort out their windows as they do scare people away. I remember the first time I entered a charity shop I made sure I scanned the streets to make sure no one saw me enter, I did a good rummage and came out with a beautiful vintage satchel and also came out with a big grin due to the amazingly low price of it. I know many Brick Lane style shoppers are frequent buyers of charity shop items and it makes your style a lot more individual to annoying Topshop worshipers, due to the fact that it is old season/vintage things that you most likely will never see another person wearing. On the plus side you will always be able to come out with "Granny Chic" style which I don't think anyone should shy away from, style constantly comes around and if you look far enough you are able to see we actually are copying our grandparents and great grandparents looks from different stages in their lives.

Fluffy Jumper - Charity shop in Epsom. 


Headband - Mens Bow Tie

Necklace (made to look like a collar) - Grandmother's jewellery box. 


Dr Martens (you can tell I live in them) - Brick Lane Market

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Missing Home, Warmth & Elegance.

Today is Mother's Day and my beautiful Mummy Cleland came to visit me at University. We spent hours talking, hugging, walking in Hampton Court and discussing the future. My mum also has got extremely excited about this blog and made sure she was the one to photograph my images today, she always used to want to be a photographer due to her brilliant eye for things that people normally would shun away. My mum brings me back to the elegance and class that I remember from my Grandma. Constantly watching Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's (my all time favourite movie) with each other and listening to french classics, dancing to jazz together. It is lovely to be reminded of these qualities I used to admire so much, especially as the outrageousness of styling at fashion uni mixed with a slight obsession of grunge, 80's and "sex, drugs and rock n roll". It is lovely to remember simplicity and elegance. I would also like to wish my mum 'Happy Mother's Day' again.

 Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes.

Leather Rucksack - Topshop

 Hat - H&M

 Trench Coat - Charity Shop in Epsom

Mum managed to capture me eventually giving into the pain of the Jeffrey's in mud, while I opted for my slightly more comfortable Wellington Boots.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Boy Epsom.

Kenny Wood has been an avid fan of the band Los Campesinos! from the second he heard 'It Started With A Mixx'. He has a tattoo inspired by his favourite song of theirs 'Miserabilia' which even has the exact writing from Gareth, the lead vocalist. The T-shirt he is wearing is from their new album 'Hello Sadness'. The T-shirt was sent to him by the band as he's a subscriber to their exclusive fan group 'Heat Rash'.

I actually get a lot of inspiration from my boyfriend's style - mainly because I steal most of his clothes. Ironically he was actually dressed in most of my clothes today due to the fact his only other clothes at mine were work suits. Kenny in the week (work) compared to weekend is a major juxtaposition of styles. A completely different person. If only his managers could see.....

 Wax Barbour. Denim Shirt - Topman. 
 High Tops - Fila. Jeans - Forever 21 (He actually managed to fit into my jeans - not a happy moment for me, however he has got stereotypically skinny indie legs). Double Ring on right hand - Brick Lane Market. Left hand ring - Family ring.

Kenny just got his helix pierced today at Black Heart Tattoo Studio. He usually has his other two piercing's in, the first with a silver hoop and old vintage  'best friend' charm attached to it (the same as the charm on his necklace) and the second with a ball stud.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Just a quick thought.

Does it count as sinning if I always wear my cross?

The style of this post has caused controversy from people who don't know's style. The reason that I did it in a bedroom with a polaroid style effect, blurry imaging and yes slightly risqué is due to the fact that this is the way in which Smut advertise and I wanted to make sure that all my styling and posts reflect the purpose they are for. They have now posted this onto their website which is quite a good for my blog to get known and out their. I love whole brand image, it was lovely to receive polaroids of their other looks when I received my top. Every part of branding, from packaging is key!
You can see their similar style of advertising on or their Facebook Page.

 T-Shirt -
 Cross Necklace - Urban Outfitters
 Flat Peak - Boy London (White version of the one Rihanna wore on Jonathan Ross)

Creative. Hearts.

I have come to the conclusion that Fashion Management & Marketing is soul destroying to people who only have access to the right side of their brain. I also have gone for completely opposite life aims. My whole life I wanted to be at the top. The top of fashion, earning a lot of money and respect. However after countless internships and being a runner (the small person) at fashion shows, I have been able to see various people at the top with a lot of "respect". I'd rather gain respect from my own creativity then from being someone in PR who completely lose themselves once they get to the top. When I was working at Christopher Kane S/S 12 fashion show, as much as I adored the collection, I was only allowed limited time viewing the garments and was put on the guest list greeting celebrities such as Alexa Chung, who I admittedly am in love with. However whilst being on guest list I had one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had and that was with the body guard. He explained to me how long he had been doing door work at these shows and the amount of interns he saw change from creative enthusiasts, happy to talk to anyone no matter what role they are, who then completely lose themselves the next time he sees them at shows with an upgraded role, even from the slightest change of runner to fashion intern. I tried so hard to tell him that was exactly what I didn't want to change into. That once I got higher I would remember what it was like to be a fashion slave. He just shook his head and said he hoped I would be the exception. I don't want to lose myself, I want to remain creative. I don't care about the "glamourous life" anymore. The idea of having art and fashion without the life style is what I crave. 

I am currently writing a book with my boyfriend. We are not hoping for anything from others to read it but it actually is something we have started doing when a sudden rush of ideas just swarm through our head at this time and it is just a fun, mind provoking thing that we are enjoying at the moment. My over things I am working on are my Fashion Marketing & Consumer Insight project at uni. Boring. The only creative thing I am able to do is make a bounded document look good with the placement of text, images and graphs. I am also going to start my photography & styling again and then over summer hopefully get more experience within this.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This is my first post and actually my first ever blog. The amount of times I have started a blog/website/journal/diary written in it ONCE and then never returned to it is uncountable, however I now have a few reasons to actually stick to this one . . . . I hope.
Firstly I am in my first year studying Fashion Management and Marketing at UCA, so have been swayed into the "typical" student.virtual. tradition. of posting about complete and utter randomness all in which relates to fashion. Somehow.
I am going to conform by blogging but not conform through my posts.
Secondly I am a girl who has admittedly loved fashion since I can remember, in the usual cliche way. However since I have started Fashion Uni as well as working in the industry I have found my life has changed in the parallel. I used to be an addicted FASHION CONSUMER. I am now being CONSUMED BY FASHION.

 Must say, trying to get these images taken in the middle of an island with cars constantly driving past was interesting but needed the first tree of blossom to start off my blog with!

There is so much girly I can do, therefore I had to get at least one image with a flat peak in order to level it out. I love contrasting with edginess, you will be able to see this in my future posts.

Same Clothes. New Location. Typical.

 Blouse. New look. 
 Knee High Socks. New Look.  Wedges. Topshop.
 Skirt. New Look.
 Bandeau. Topshop.
Gloves. Vintage (Grandmother's)