Monday, 27 August 2012

The start of my short movies. Inspiration.

Love Cara Delevingne, her statement piece being her eyebrows! The eyebrow trend is definitely evolving and my first inspiration for this trend is automatically Audrey Hepburn. I find this look works with every single style whether you want to add a grunge look to a girly outfit, a natural bushy eyed look the list could go on...

I love both of these differing styles of video! I am going to experiment with my new Lomokino movie maker to do a fun, un edited, aged approach to filming and behind the scenes as well as a sharp professional crisp short movie of the final outcome. Then mix the two together and see what piece is created!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Elle Internship 2012

Oh my god. Just applied for the Elle Internship for Arts Director! 

 I am so happy to see that Elle is giving back to the interns and giving us a chance to edit the October issue. It was so weird because I found out about this competition while feeling extremely low in the woods after finding out another place I had just worked hadn't given me the right information and I wouldn't be receiving any money for the work I had been doing! I was starting to think interning since the age of 14 really wasn't paying off and were just more names to add to a CV without me really getting a chance to be appreciated and put my own creative outlook into something! I really hope I get the chance to intern for Elle as the Arts Director!

My SubmissionI had to produce an Elle cover with the choice of Rihanna being the cover girl.

I chose to do two different covers as Elle normally do various covers for each issue.

Friday, 27 April 2012

April Showers

Today I thought I was prepared for the first time in thick warm clothes as it was pouring with rain in the morning. I get drenched, partly from a lorry thinking it was clever to speed through a puddle next to me, then the sun comes out and then get soaked with sweat. Therefore I have found the best way to deal with English weather is to mix and match winter with summer so I am always prepared. I also found out today I am an official second year student on Fashion Promotion & Imaging doing Styling and Photography! No more boring reports on marketing thank god.

Bobble Hat - F&F


Climbing on this skip in 5 inch heels was not my best idea.


Shorts - Pull & Bear 

Cape - The WhitePepper

Monday, 16 April 2012

Fighting Instincts.

These images were taken by Marina Cleland inside Northend Church. I decided to wear a flowy white dress which was similar to the outfits I would wear at Church when I was younger. Since then I am not a religious person, however more airy fairy with my head in the clouds (admittedly still believe in fairies, angels and supernatural things) I wore my white Beats by Dr Dre while in the Church showing a contradiction of people celebrating religious events purely for the commercial parts of them. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Holy Grounds.

Seeing as today is Friday 13th I thought it was fitting to post a look where I was vampish yet "protected' from any bad luck being in the holy grounds of a church. One of the amazing things about being back home is that i have the wonderful photographer Marina Cleland (my mumma) to take my shots. I have just purchased a tri pod so that I can continue to take my own pictures when I am back at uni. Today is my last day at home. Thats Friday 13th bad luck for me .... just that I hope.

Leather Jacket - Zara

Cross Necklace - Market in Sri Lanka

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes

Cross Top - Topshop

Skirt - Asos