Friday, 16 March 2012

Does it count as sinning if I always wear my cross?

The style of this post has caused controversy from people who don't know's style. The reason that I did it in a bedroom with a polaroid style effect, blurry imaging and yes slightly risqué is due to the fact that this is the way in which Smut advertise and I wanted to make sure that all my styling and posts reflect the purpose they are for. They have now posted this onto their website which is quite a good for my blog to get known and out their. I love whole brand image, it was lovely to receive polaroids of their other looks when I received my top. Every part of branding, from packaging is key!
You can see their similar style of advertising on or their Facebook Page.

 T-Shirt -
 Cross Necklace - Urban Outfitters
 Flat Peak - Boy London (White version of the one Rihanna wore on Jonathan Ross)

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