Saturday, 17 March 2012

Boy Epsom.

Kenny Wood has been an avid fan of the band Los Campesinos! from the second he heard 'It Started With A Mixx'. He has a tattoo inspired by his favourite song of theirs 'Miserabilia' which even has the exact writing from Gareth, the lead vocalist. The T-shirt he is wearing is from their new album 'Hello Sadness'. The T-shirt was sent to him by the band as he's a subscriber to their exclusive fan group 'Heat Rash'.

I actually get a lot of inspiration from my boyfriend's style - mainly because I steal most of his clothes. Ironically he was actually dressed in most of my clothes today due to the fact his only other clothes at mine were work suits. Kenny in the week (work) compared to weekend is a major juxtaposition of styles. A completely different person. If only his managers could see.....

 Wax Barbour. Denim Shirt - Topman. 
 High Tops - Fila. Jeans - Forever 21 (He actually managed to fit into my jeans - not a happy moment for me, however he has got stereotypically skinny indie legs). Double Ring on right hand - Brick Lane Market. Left hand ring - Family ring.

Kenny just got his helix pierced today at Black Heart Tattoo Studio. He usually has his other two piercing's in, the first with a silver hoop and old vintage  'best friend' charm attached to it (the same as the charm on his necklace) and the second with a ball stud.

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  1. Great pics!! he has great style and so do you! loving ur blog!! :)

    Diana xxx