Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Charity Case.

Today's post is about my love for charity shops. Being a poor student with at this present moment only £15 in my account, the only way to prevent the dreaded "always wearing the same outfit" is to try and mix and match things with charity shops. I remember when I was at school a recurring insult people would use on each other was "You shop at Oxfam" but looking back at it, those were the people who were too scared to look beyond the current image, admittedly I do still believe a lot of charity shops need a visual merchandiser to sort out their windows as they do scare people away. I remember the first time I entered a charity shop I made sure I scanned the streets to make sure no one saw me enter, I did a good rummage and came out with a beautiful vintage satchel and also came out with a big grin due to the amazingly low price of it. I know many Brick Lane style shoppers are frequent buyers of charity shop items and it makes your style a lot more individual to annoying Topshop worshipers, due to the fact that it is old season/vintage things that you most likely will never see another person wearing. On the plus side you will always be able to come out with "Granny Chic" style which I don't think anyone should shy away from, style constantly comes around and if you look far enough you are able to see we actually are copying our grandparents and great grandparents looks from different stages in their lives.

Fluffy Jumper - Charity shop in Epsom. 


Headband - Mens Bow Tie

Necklace (made to look like a collar) - Grandmother's jewellery box. 


Dr Martens (you can tell I live in them) - Brick Lane Market


  1. Very cute! Love your yellow boots!

  2. very cute ensemble.
    btw when i was in my teens i wore self-made pieces.

  3. "annoying Topshop worshipers" You do realise you just contradicted yourself, right? Half of the clothes you're wearing in later pictures are from topshop. You think you're so original because you wear vintage clothes but so does every other fashion wannabe.