Sunday, 18 March 2012

Missing Home, Warmth & Elegance.

Today is Mother's Day and my beautiful Mummy Cleland came to visit me at University. We spent hours talking, hugging, walking in Hampton Court and discussing the future. My mum also has got extremely excited about this blog and made sure she was the one to photograph my images today, she always used to want to be a photographer due to her brilliant eye for things that people normally would shun away. My mum brings me back to the elegance and class that I remember from my Grandma. Constantly watching Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's (my all time favourite movie) with each other and listening to french classics, dancing to jazz together. It is lovely to be reminded of these qualities I used to admire so much, especially as the outrageousness of styling at fashion uni mixed with a slight obsession of grunge, 80's and "sex, drugs and rock n roll". It is lovely to remember simplicity and elegance. I would also like to wish my mum 'Happy Mother's Day' again.

 Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes.

Leather Rucksack - Topshop

 Hat - H&M

 Trench Coat - Charity Shop in Epsom

Mum managed to capture me eventually giving into the pain of the Jeffrey's in mud, while I opted for my slightly more comfortable Wellington Boots.

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