Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This is my first post and actually my first ever blog. The amount of times I have started a blog/website/journal/diary written in it ONCE and then never returned to it is uncountable, however I now have a few reasons to actually stick to this one . . . . I hope.
Firstly I am in my first year studying Fashion Management and Marketing at UCA, so have been swayed into the "typical" student.virtual. tradition. of posting about complete and utter randomness all in which relates to fashion. Somehow.
I am going to conform by blogging but not conform through my posts.
Secondly I am a girl who has admittedly loved fashion since I can remember, in the usual cliche way. However since I have started Fashion Uni as well as working in the industry I have found my life has changed in the parallel. I used to be an addicted FASHION CONSUMER. I am now being CONSUMED BY FASHION.

 Must say, trying to get these images taken in the middle of an island with cars constantly driving past was interesting but needed the first tree of blossom to start off my blog with!

There is so much girly I can do, therefore I had to get at least one image with a flat peak in order to level it out. I love contrasting with edginess, you will be able to see this in my future posts.

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  1. At last - thanks for showing us sprng and it's new beginnings to us with nature, fashion and daily life all rolled into one. Bring on some video work with sounds.